Riseria Monferrato

Starting in 1992, RISERIA MONFERRATO has set up and patented a system for rice processing in stone vessels. Such a system produces rice varieties with very high levels of vitamins and fibres. Stone wessel

In collaboration with the Department of Entomology of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Milan and with Garboldi Engineering, RISERIA MONFERRATO has set up a method, in the early 1990s, for rice disinfestation without the use of toxic gas, in order to meet the needs to treat biological rice. This method is currently being used by RISERIA MONFERRATO on the whole line labelled CA' ROSSA.
In collaboration with the Rice Research Institute of Bangkok and Capital Rice of Bangkok, Riseria Monferrato started a program, towards the end of the 1980s, for growing of biological rice in the CHIANG RAY region, The product is currently being marketed in Thailand by Capital Rice and has been accepted for the school lunch there. It is imported in Europe with the certification of biological rice, which was issued by Bioagricoop in Bologna.

At the end of 1996, the company was able to produce, under licence from Byron, a new generation of parboiled rice with cooking times ranging, in accordance with the customer's choice, from 10 minutes to 7 minutes.

Before the end of 1997 RISERIA MONFERRATO will be able to propose to its customers a number of rice varieties which cook even faster, including instant rice.

RISERIA MONFERRATO is currently involved in a partnership with the firm Freshmaker for the production of fresh and deep-frozen ready meals.  Freshmaker
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