Riseria Monferrato


Thai BiologicoIn collaboration with the Rice Research Institute of Bangkok and Capital Rice of Bangkok, Riseria Monferrato started a program, towards the end of the 1980s, for growing of biological rice in the CHIANG RAY region.

The Chiang Ray region is located in the North of Thailand, close to the Laos border, on a 10 km long and 3.5 km wide plain; there are no factories here, and the place is reachable only by secondary routes; it is an isolated region and, as such, protected from the risks of external pollution.

The rice produced belongs to the Fragrant variety, a naturally sweet-smelling rice which is processed in rice factories supplied with the clean water of Monsoon rains.

After receiving the rice, Riseria Monferrato disinfests it using natural inert gas (CO2 ) by using a patented high-tech system. Following an optical selection procedure the rice is packaged under controlled atmospheric conditions, which means its original features of purity and freshness are kept intact.

Among the experts of this product in France, Riseria numbers one of the world's biggest distribution chains.

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