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The BASMATI rice variety, grown in North India at the foot of the Himalayas is an aromatic natural rice with a very long grain which doubles in length after cooking. It is ideal for exotic recipes such as Pilau rice or curried rice or for use as side dish for Tandoori chicken and for Indonesian recipes.

RISERIA MONFERRATO markets a very high quality BASMATI rice, with the production taking place in India and the processing taking place in Italy.

If you are interested in trying the famous BASMATI INDIANO (Indian Basmati), please contact us via E-MAIL, and we will inform you of the point of sale nearest to you.


The sweet-smelling THAI DANCER rice is a high quality natural aromatic rice, which is grown in Thailand.

This rice with delicate and tasty grains, is rich in nourishing components and, during cooking, gives off a delightful aroma. It is ideal for exotic recipes; Chinese and Vietnamese people only use this particular rice, it is great when boiled; Italian consumers use it especially for rice salads because of its taste, lightness and the beautiful appearance of the very long grain.

Due to its natural features, it cooks within 10 minutes.

It is sold in Italy by RISERIA MONFERRATO in its CA'ROSSA line, in the GUSTORISO package
Thai Dancer
Golden Phoenix



The sweet-smelling GOLDEN PHOENIX rice is the world's best aromatic Thai rice.

The rice produced at the Riseria Bangsue Chia Meng of Bangkok is marketed under this name. The Riseria Bangsue Chia Meng is a market leader in Thailand, and RISERIA MONFERRATO has sole agency of it for Europe (Great Britain excluded).

This rice is winner of countless quality awards in its country of production, and is the favourite of millions of people all over the world, China included. It is the best for exotic recipes,.... and is also available in the Glutinoso (Gluten) version, naturally sugary, ideal for rice cakes.

RISERIA MONFERRATO delivers this rice in Italy to specialized Distributors in the Ethnic Market, who then supply hundreds of Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurants.

Should you be interested in a sample of this "Rolls Royce among rice types", please contact us via E-Mail, and we will inform you of the point of sale nearest to you.

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