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Sunclad Thai

The experience Riseria Monferrato has acquired in the ethnic market is applied also to the products of the SUNCLAD line, such as THAI and BASMATI, so that the European consumer is able to taste the best Asian rice types in one kilogram package:

These products can be obtained in the best supermarkets, either under the label SUNCLAD or under the label of the distributor.

The SUNCLAD packages of Thai and Basmati contain the same very high quality rice that Riseria Monferrato sells to Chinese and Indian customers - established experts on these sweet-smelling rice varieties - under the names THAI DANCER and BASMATI.
Sunclad Basmati
Sunclad 8'

Due to it extremely innovative and flexible facilities our organization is very advanced.

In collaboration with BYRON (institute for applied research on advanced food technologies), we developed a technological system in which we hold exclusive rights in Europe.

As a result of this research, a very different product has been implemented, one with more natural grains, a taste of non precooked rice and a perfect consistency after cooking, without the chewing-gum effect which is typical of the normal parboiled types.

The cooking times of these innovative precooked types are remarkably shorter: from 10 to 5 minutes of actual cooking time, and a wholemeal rice which cooks in 12 minutes!
Sunclad Brown 12'